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* Testimonials *

I have known Sonia Jenkinson for approximately 14 years.

I was immediately impressed with Sonia’s honesty and integrity.

She has helped me enormously through some very challenging times, and continues to do so.

I have attended courses with Sonia, many of them one on one. She is the most wonderful teacher. Her manner is reassuring and genuine. I am so impressed with Sonia’s thirst to learn new treatments, she is always striving to do the very best for her clients.

I have experienced almost every therapeutic treatment Sonia offers, many times.

I visit Sonia whenever I feel I can’t help myself. I have come so far with the self healing strategies Sonia has taught me, but after a session with Sonia I feel so much happier and stronger. I have always encouraged my family and friends to experience treatments with Sonia and she has also helped them so much.

I love walking into Sonia’s very special treatment room.

It’s magical.

I feel my whole aura has been cleansed just by walking in the door!

I trust Sonia with healing my heart and Soul.

Sandi 2020

'I've recently completed my Reiki level 1 and 2 training with Sonia

and I couldn't have had a more inspiring, patient and knowledgeable teacher.

It's not just a standard basic course.

Sonia adds a lot of extra information based on her own experience, extensive research and study of different healing modalities. On top of that, you'll also get some practical tips on how to set up your own business and deal with all sorts of potential issues. Prior to my training I also had a couple of Spiritual Alchemy sessions with Sonia

and I can't recommend them enough!

Sonia has got a lot of tools and experience to help you with any issue and she goes really deep and finds the root of the problem. Thanks to her, I've been able to clear lots of past life attachments and finally start working towards manifesting my highest potential for this life.

All that with lots of love and encouragement from Sonia.'

Lola 2021

‘I am so grateful to have been recommended Sonia through a friend, I was dealing with disturbing sleep paralysis and I knew something was wrong on a deeper level.

Sonia has not only cleared me of all unwanted attachments, but set me up for a bright future.

Since going on this journey with her, my life has changed for the better.

I have learnt how to listen to my body, trust my intuition, have a greater connection with the universe and manifest anything I want. Sonia was put on this planet to help people reach their full, divine potential and that’s what she does.

I’ve never met, or even heard of someone who is able to do what she does.

She is able to find out exactly what the specific problem is and fix it.

She uses her natural gifts and many, many years of experience and studies to help her clients.

I can’t imagine my life without her now, she’s my super power.

Thank you Sonia.’

Emma 2021

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