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* Chakra System Tuition *


* Spiritual Empowerment *

* Explore your Chakra Energy System with the assistance of

* Crystals * Colour * Sound * Oracle Cards * & * Guided Meditation *


2 Days

You will receive:

* Chakra Set of 7 Crystals

* Manual

* Workbook

* Coloured Pens

* Certificate of Attainment


You will learn to:

* Create Abundance

* Improve your Health

* Create Balance and Harmony

* Attract Love & Joy into your Life

* Activate & Enhance your Intuition


Join in for 2 fun days of exploration and discovery. Learn about your Chakra System and the important part it plays in maintaining excellent health. With the assistance of Crystals, Colour, Sound (Crystal Lyre), Spiritual Alchemy Mists, Oracle Cards and Guided Meditation, you will learn basic techniques to develop and further enhance your intuition and assist with Self-Empowerment as you tune into your own Energy System. 

Fun, free flowing days with hands on experience and exchange of knowledge.


Topics Covered in Chakra System for Spiritual Empowerment:

* What is a Chakra?

* The Human Aura

* The 7 Major Chakras of the Human Body including:

* Location

* Colour association

* Associated Sense

* Associated Crystals

* Function in the body including associated imbalances

* Life Lesson

* The 7 Chakra Mirrors

* Chakra Affirmations

* Grounding Exercise & Energizing Meditation for each Chakra

* Simple Chakra Balancing Techniques using Crystals

* Chakra Balancing using the Crystal Lyre (Sound Vibration)

* Spiritual Alchemy Mists

* Lotus Meditation

* Introduction to the Advanced Chakra System


* Please bring along your own lunch *

* Chakra System for Spiritual Empowerment *

* Ready to expand your Knowledge & Wisdom? *

* Your Investment *


Your investment in expanding your Knowledge & Wisdom is per person for 2 Days of Tuition.

* Duration *

2 Days

9am - 5pm

* Location *

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


77 Mildmay Street Fairfield

Brisbane Queensland

Australia 4103

* Number of Students per Class *

All Tuition is available by Appointment to ensure that you receive maximum attention and answers to all of your specific questions. Each Course is tailored to suit your specific requirements and attendance time is flexible to suit your busy schedule. If you would rather be the only student in a personalized session then this is my specialty. Small groups of students are also very welcome and lots of fun.


* Simply choose a date which suits us both & Enjoy the experience *


* Assessment *

Your ability to demonstrate practical skills & knowledge will be assessed by observation & completion of a competency checklist.

You will receive your Chakra System for Spiritual Empowerment Certificate on successful completion of this Training Course. 

Access to ongoing support & mentoring is available as required.

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