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* Spirit Art *


Soft Pastel on Paper

50cm x 60cm

including Intuitive Reading

When I create Spirit Art for you,

I am tuning in to your:

* Divine Essence *

* Angels *

* Animal Spirits *

* Nature Spirits *

* Spiritual Energies & Guides *

* Elemental Energies *

* Aura Colours *

* Unique Soul Symbols *

* Crystals *

* Affirmations *

* Name of your Guide *

* Spirit Art *


* Free Postage *

All drawings are unique and for your specific guidance and requirements at the time; no two drawings are ever the same!

Spirit Guides gently and lovingly guide us on our journey through life and assist us in awakening to our full potential; bringing a greater sense of peace, love and joy into our lives. As we go through life, our Guides and Energies will change as we grow and develop and learn more about ourselves and our life purpose, and for this reason I recommend updating your Spirit Art regularly (approximately yearly) as you feel guided.

I am a professional Spiritual Artist with a Diploma of Spiritual Artistry. A drawing of your Spiritual Energies is beneficial in conjunction with all of my Therapy Sessions as it provides you with the comfort of knowing that your Spirit Guides are always with you, supporting you through your journey and creating a pathway for Spiritual Alignment with your Higher Self and the Divine Essence.

Working with your special drawing and meditation with your Guide will reveal further insights specific to your personal growth and development. A drawing of your Spiritual Energies provides you with the comfort of knowing that your Spirit Guides are always with you. You are not required to be physically present at the time of the drawing as it takes me 2 - 3 hrs to create your special drawing and prepare your Intuitive Reading.

* Intuitive Reading *

You will also receive a laminated A4 size Intuitive Reading 

interpreting and describing all of the elements (e.g. Colours, Animals, Crystals) which are present in your drawing.

Simply Contact me for further information, including your

* Full Name

* Date of Birth

* Postal Address

and I will create a unique drawing just for you!

* Ready to connect with your Spiritual Energies? *

* Your Investment *

$250 Spirit Art on Paper

Your investment is per person and per Spirit Art Drawing.

* Size of your Spirit Art *

approx 50cm x 60cm

* Materials used to create your Spirit Art *

Soft Pastel on Acid Free Pastel Paper

Soft Pastel is compressed, pure pigment and when applied to paper it creates a soft powdery effect.

* Pick up or Postage *

* Pick up your Spirit Art from my Studio, simply contact me to arrange an appointment.

 * Free Postage Worldwide, simply contact me to provide me with your Postal Address please.

* How to Care for your Spirit Art *

Your unique Spirit Art creation requires gentle handling so as not to smudge or damage it. To preserve the original power & energy of your Spirit Art, no fixatives have been applied.

I recommend having your Spirit Art Laminated or Framed under glass to maintain the integrity of the energy.

* Spirit Art arriving in the Mail *

Your Spirit Art is rolled and placed into a Mailing Tube for Delivery. I recommend unrolling your Spirit Art slowly and having it Laminated or Framed under glass to maintain the integrity of the energy.

* Please allow up to 7 - 28 days to receive your Spirit Art *

* Spiritual Artist Tuition *

Would you like to become a Professional Spiritual Artist?

* IICT Approved * Spiritual Artist * Tuition * available at

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


77 Mildmay St Fairfield

Brisbane Qld Australia 4103

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