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What is * Energy Healing * Energy Medicine * Vibrational Therapy *

* Spiritual Alchemy *

I'd like explain & expand a little bit more about exactly what 

* Energy Healing * Energy Medicine * Vibrational Therapies & Spiritual Alchemy * 

is all about and why it is so effective in restoring a sense of true Health & Well Being.

I walk the path of Divine Inspiration and my role & life purpose while inhabiting a physical body on this planet is to shine my Divine Light, to Inspire, to demonstrate by example that it is possible to overcome adversity, to thrive and prosper.

I offer you Crystal Wisdom, Divinely inspired messages from the Stars, Art, Vision, Beauty, Peace, Tolerance, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Grace, & Love.

I am a * Healer * Mystic * Artist * Teacher * Divine Messenger * Spiritual Alchemist * Radiant Light Being * a student of life * and so much more, and it is an absolute honour to share my skills & abilities and life experience with each and every one of you.

My intention is to offer insight and concepts to consider and I encourage you to connect with your own intuitive guidance to find the information which best resonates with you at this time. I welcome questions, so if you would like to know more, please contact me.

During each of my Training Courses & Therapy Sessions, I explore the concepts of Energy Medicine & Spiritual Alchemy in great depth and detail, so if you are interested in learning more about energy healing techniques, becoming a Practitioner, or would like to experience first hand the benefits of an Energy Session with me, then I would love to share my wisdom & knowledge with you.

Energy Medicine activates our Mind / Body / Soul’s natural ability to self-heal and reminds us of our connection with the Divine Source, the Infinite Flow of Universal Life Force Energy, along with our Faith in ourselves and our own unique abilities, which when harnessed also connect us with Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Happiness, Peace & Radiant Health.

Energy therapies access the origin & source of the symptoms which are being presented & expressed in your body. Your body is a direct reflection of the concepts & beliefs, conscious & subconscious programs you hold within your Mind. In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, See, Sense & Listen to the messages that your Body is offering you.

Our Mind is like a super computer which is connected with the Divine Intelligence & governs the functioning of our body; we are so much more than just a bundle of cells, muscles, tissues, organs, bones & skin!!

A practical example...if we feed our Mind a diet of negative thoughts, beliefs, self-talk & images filled with judgement, attack, violence, condemnation, despair, stress, anger, anxiety, & fear then it is more than likely that we are also feeding our physical body with unhealthy foods and attracting an endless cycle of negative experiences, and our body will naturally respond with feelings of pain and illness.

Now, if we feed our Mind with positive nourishing thoughts, words & images of self-love and self- acceptance, Happiness, Peace & Joy we will radiate these qualities to those around us and attract supportive nourishing friendships, relationships & experiences into our lives. We will naturally feed our body nourishing foods and feel an overall sense of health & vitality.

The ‘Western’ model for Medicine is to treat our body as completely separate from the mind and to view it as a bunch of pumps & tubes all connected to the brain, heart & lungs and if we put a patch here, and change a few parts there, inject our body with chemicals and take a bunch of pills, then the body will continue to function.... Medication simply masks the pain, but the pain is still there!!

In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, see, sense & listen to the messages that your Body is offering you. This 'band-aid' approach to treat only the symptoms has very limited success, because while parts may be changed and patches put on, and chemical levels altered with pills & medication, if the Mind & thought processes are not aware that they are connected with the Divine Intelligence & are not updated to run the latest Divine 'software' which is free and available to all and programmed to operate at maximum health and vitality, then the physical body will very quickly 'breakdown' and become unwell once again.

This is why the manifestation of Cancer occurs and then often recurs as the Mind has not been updated and programmed to accept Radiant Health and Vitality as its natural function. The thought processes are often fixated on illness rather than wellness, and patients are encouraged to exercise attack consciousness, and 'fight' the cancer, or engage in some sort of 'battle' to regain their health, rather than allowing & accepting love, and radiant health to flow throughout their system. 

The Body is unable to function in a healthy manner without the correct instructions from the Mind & the Divine Intelligence.

So, what is the solution for radiant vitality and true long lasting health?

Energy Medicine applies a different approach to the ‘Western’ model and views the Body / Mind / Soul holistically as an intelligent system with infinite possibilities connected with the Divine Source of Universal Life Force Energy.

A multidimensional, multifaceted approach encourages wellness throughout the entire system, by continually updating the thoughts in the Mind to operate on the latest Divinely inspired ‘software’ which in turn supports the optimal function of our physical vessel, our miraculous body, allowing each of us to align with our Divine Design and proceed along the path of our Divine Life Purpose.

It is well known from a metaphysical perspective that it takes approximately 2 years for physical illness to manifest and present itself in the physical body after a perceived trauma has been experienced.

Post-Traumatic Stress is a prime example where an individual has experienced an extreme situation and witnessed trauma to themselves and others...this event is now registered in the mind and energy body, life goes on and for a time the individual appears to be coping and functioning with daily life, and then manifestations of pain in the body may begin to appear, headaches, nightmares, & overwhelm sets in...and if not treated…breakdown of body & mind often occurs.

Something to consider…imagine a disco mirror ball…one round ball covered in lots of little mirrors.

Consider the Divine Intelligence as the ball and each individual (yes, including you) as an integral and very important facet (single mirror) of the ball. Each of us is shining a unique light and has an important role to play while residing on this planet, yet we are all still a part of the whole whether we realize it or not. Often we feel that we are alone and separate, yet the truth is we are never alone as we are all connected with the Divine Intelligence which holds the vibration of Love & Unity, Peace & Joy. As each individual triumphs on their personal path towards wholeness & happiness then the entire population benefits, and so that is why it is so vitally important that each and every being on this planet must strive to think & express themselves in positive & supportive ways for the highest good of all.

If you are on this planet you are important and have come here to express yourself in unique ways for the highest good of all.

I’m doing a lot of work in my practice at the moment with clearing the family lineage of my clients as most of us are a combination of (often false) beliefs, thoughts, programs, observations, interpretations, and concepts which we learned from parents / teachers / people of influence, all of which were integrated into our Subconscious Mind during development in the womb and particularly up until the age of approximately 7 years.

This information forms the basis of our primary behaviour patterns and could be considered our ‘primary program’.

As we mature into adults, we are usually not consciously aware that we are running this primary program and more than likely running on outdated information, old programs, and reactive behaviours which is why we often are unable to find conscious solutions to improve our life and overall health and well-being. It is usually not possible to access a solution at the level of awareness which created the problem…and so we remain stuck in a cycle of repeating patterns…we are not happy, but do not know how to break the cycle…this is where the role of the Energy Therapist is very supportive.

Clearing the family lineage is vital to break the cycle of repetitive non-beneficial patterns…genetic illness is nothing more than one generation passing on their ‘stuff’, their grievances, their beliefs (usually false), and their emotional ‘baggage’ to the next…I have observed this situation play out in many families and even entire cultural groups where there is very little healing or growth as one generation simply repeats what they learned from their ancestors.

As energy medicine is multidimensional and not restricted by time & space, an individual client who chooses to heal themselves with the intention of healing the family lineage allows each and every being to benefit from the experience whether they are still living on the Earth plane or have passed into Spirit, this is very powerful to break the cycle and ensure that the baggage of the ancestors is not passed on to future generations. This type of session is very powerful if clients are experiencing difficulties in conceiving children, often the lineage needs to be cleared before the incoming souls feel safe to be born into the family.

When I treat a client, my intention is always for the highest good of all and targets the origin of the illness. My treatment room is often very full as I embark on an energy session with my client, as each session is a team effort involving the Practitioner & the client, on the physical level, along with the Divine Intelligence and all of our Angels, Guides & Spirit helpers, often including Animal Spirits, Crystal Spirits, Nature Spirits and Galactic Spirits.

The best outcomes can be achieved when the client expresses a deep & sincere willingness to look within and release the false beliefs & programs which are adversely affecting their life. 

In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, see, sense & listen to the messages that your Body / Mind / Soul is offering you.

I offer a range of therapeutic techniques during my sessions which access & clear any non-beneficial & outdated programs which may be contributing to ill health & align you with your Divine Design.

 Each case is unique and requires a unique approach all of which is discussed during your session.

Most often our primary reason for ill health is as a result of feeling separate & disconnected from the Divine Source...from the moment we are born into a physical body on this planet we have our umbilical cord cut which disconnects us from our mother, and our primary source of nourishment, safety & security, so I'm finding that performing an energy balance in association with our birthing process can have profound positive effects on all levels of our being as the process involves clearing & healing the trauma of being birthed into a physical body and realigning our soul self with our physical body & our Divine Life Purpose and bringing a conscious awareness to the fact that we are always connected with the Divine Intelligence.

I have been working most recently with mothers and their new born babies in individual sessions to clear the birth trauma for both mother and baby as early as possible, to align their energy bodies and give mother and baby the best possible bonding experience and for baby the best start in life.

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