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* My inspiration *

* The Beginning of my Journey *

Inspired by my fascination for the inner workings of the human body, I successfully completed an 

Associate Diploma in Clinical Techniques with Distinction at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

I began my working life as a Laboratory Technician in the Biochemistry department of a busy pathology laboratory. I analysed blood and other bodily fluids and tissues to ascertain the degree of disease or wellness in a patient compared with standard accepted reference ranges.

I gained valuable knowledge of the physical processes of the human body but always felt that there were other pieces to the puzzle to complete the picture of maintaining optimal health and well being.

During my last few years at the lab, I had gained much personal and professional experience, however,

I began to view the pathology industry from a very different perspective as I observed the same patients appearing year after year with the same symptoms, enduring a seemingly endless merry - go - round of medication & monitoring with countless pathology tests 

and no real healing was occurring. 

I began to see the truth of the 'machine' that is the pathology industry and could no longer participate in it. 

So, after 8 years of full time work including night shifts, weekend & on-call, during which I endured many stress related, intensified episodes of medically diagnosed chronic fatigue & irritable bowel, which I had experienced intermittently for most of my life, I was determined to learn more about the way my body worked but this time from a more holistic, energetic perspective, 

and so I left the pathology industry in search of a more fulfilling way of life. 

My passion has always been to experience radiant health & vitality and I was determined to experience this for myself 

and then share all that I had learned with others, so they too could experience the same joy for life.


* Reiki *

I experienced * Reiki * the ancient art of hands on healing * for the first time in 2004 while attending Reiki 1 Tuition. This was at a time when I was at my absolute lowest point, I truly was in the midst of the Dark Night of the Soul, I had left my 8 year Pathology Career, Sold my Home, and I was recovering from an operation. Experiencing first hand the benefits of Reiki & learning Reiki 1 was the turning point for me on the road to better health and a greater overall sense of well being. I went on to complete my Reiki Master Tuition

The Reiki Principles have been the foundation of my 

Spiritual Practice and continue to be a powerful influence in my daily life.

From the moment I decided to take responsibility for my own health and well being my life began to change in remarkable ways. I began to feel fitter and stronger than I had ever felt before. My approach to life was completely different and I began to view life as a joyous experience rather than feeling resigned to a life of fatigue and ill health.


* Further Study *

I wanted to share my experience with others and so I began to study Touch for Health - an aspect of Applied Kinesiology and successfully completed 60 hrs of this modality. This opened new doors of discovery for me and I went on to successfully complete a Certificate IV in Vibrational Therapies (including Reiki, Crystal, Colour, Sound & Energy Therapies) and then a Diploma of Metaphysics at the International Academy of Vibrational Therapies. I have always loved exploring my creativity with the use of colour in many different artistic techniques and so went on to attain a Diploma of Spiritual Artistry to further strengthen my artistic skills & intuitive abilities. I am now also a member and Approved Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). I now offer a range of specialist therapeutic techniques to support your health & well being. If you wish to take your skills & knowledge to the next level and become a qualified Practitioner, I have also developed & now Teach

* Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy *

a comprehensive Training Course approved by the IICT which explores all facets of 

Metaphysics & Spiritual Alchemy.


* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *

My name is Sonia Jenkinson, however during a Meditation one day many years ago, I received inner guidance of my true essence and so was born my Spiritual name of * Sonia * Starflower * Jenkinson *. The essence & original meaning of Sonia, is Wisdom. I come from the Stars, and as a child, one of my first & favourite words was Flower. I absolutely love Crystals!!

It is my passion to share my Wisdom & Knowledge with you!


* Kinesiology *

* 2019 began a new chapter in my life of learning as I embarked on a 2 year Diploma of Kinesiology *

I have now completed my epic 2 year journey to become a fully qualified Kinesiologist which has seen new levels of learning

along with a deepening of my knowledge & wisdom beginning to emerge on all soul levels of my being.


* My Commitment to you *

I have an ongoing commitment to learning & developing new skills and therapeutic techniques to best serve your individual requirements. 

I tailor every session to meet your specific requirements by blending my knowledge of the physical sciences with the wisdom of the metaphysical arts, thus applying an holistic approach whereby you are supported to achieve your highest potential.


" I invite you to allow the loving vibrations of Crystals, Colour, Sound and Energy to gently return you to your natural state of perfect harmony and perfect balance."


and so my Journey continues....

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