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* Feng Shui *


* Body * Mind * Heart * Soul * & * Home *

* Harmony *

I am absolutely passionate about the concepts of creating beauty, harmony & flow in all areas of life

and it brings me great delight to learn more

so that I may share even more useful & powerful tips & techniques

with you to support you on your journey.

I have recently completed some advanced Training incorporating specific techniques

to create harmony & balance in your Home environment

by identifying and clearing excess & non beneficial items

and applying the principles of Feng Shui: the Ancient Art of Placement

to further enhance harmony & flow.

I would love to share all that I have learned with you during my

1 Day Feng Shui for Body Mind Heart Soul & Home Harmony Tuition.

This can be experienced as an individual during a personalised session

or you may wish to gather a group of friends

and attend as a small group.

All of my Tuition & Sessions are by appointment, so when you are ready, just let me know!!


1 Day

* Feng Shui is the Ancient Art of Placement *

Literally translated

Feng = Wind & Shui = Water


Our homes and possessions are extensions and reflections of ourselves and our own unique personalities.

Did you know that according to the Principles of Feng Shui, your Home and all of your Possessions are an extension of your Physical Body, and there are specific body parts associated with specific sectors of your Home?


For Example: your * Hands * correspond to the

* Spirituality * Knowledge * & Wisdom Sector * of your Home.


If you store a lot of ‘junk’ or ‘clutter’ in this sector of your home or the flow of energy is blocked in some way, the physical result may be stiffness in your fingers & wrists, or an inability to get things done, your Spiritual Growth & Development may also be challenged. Similarly if the energy is not flowing harmoniously throughout your entire home, you may experience other physical symptoms in your Body as a result.


* If you can relate to this please join me for a fun day to learn simple techniques to create positive change and bring harmony & balance into your home and your life *


You will receive:


* Feng Shui Manual

* Visual Diary

* Coloured Pens

* Certificate of Attainment


Topics covered in Feng Shui Tuition:


* What is Feng Shui *

* The 5 Elements *

* The 9 Sectors of your Home & how they relate to your Body *

* Affirmations *

* Purification Techniques for Body & Home *

* Guided Meditation *

* Practical Tips to restore balance harmony & flow to your Body Mind Heart Soul & Home *

* Feng Shui for a Successful Business *


You will learn to identify the different Sectors of your home applying the principles of the

* Western Method of Feng Shui *

and simple techniques to activate each Sector.


For example: * Spirituality * Knowledge * & Wisdom * Sector.


* Please bring along a basic Hand Drawn floor plan of your House or Unit

including the shape of your dwelling and the shape of the property *


* Please bring along your own lunch *

* Feng Shui *

* Ready to expand your Knowledge & Wisdom? *

* Your Investment *


Your investment in expanding your Knowledge & Wisdom is per person for 1 Day of Tuition.

* Duration *

1 Day

9am - 5pm

* Location *

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


77 Mildmay Street Fairfield

Brisbane Queensland

Australia 4103

* Number of Students per Class *

All Tuition is available by Appointment to ensure that you receive maximum attention and answers to all of your specific questions. Each Course is tailored to suit your specific requirements and attendance time is flexible to suit your busy schedule. If you would rather be the only student in a personalized session then this is my specialty. Small groups of students are also very welcome and lots of fun.

* Simply choose a date which suits us both & Enjoy the experience *

* Assessment *

Your ability to demonstrate practical skills and knowledge will be assessed by observation and completion of a competency checklist.

You will receive your Feng Shui Certificate on successful completion of this Training Course. 

Access to ongoing support and mentoring is available asrequired.

* Recommendations*

After attending your Feng Shui Tuition and putting your new skills & knowledge into practice it is recommended that you consider attending a series of follow up

* Spiritual Alchemy Sessions * to further support your transformation process.

I am available during or after your Feng Shui Tuition to discuss options with you which are specific to your personal requirements.

You are unique and therefore your requirements are unique. During your initial consultation, I discuss a treatment plan with you that is specific to your individual requirements. Assessment is ongoing and subject to change as you work through the processes of your own journey to balance and harmony.

* Building * Buying * Renovating * or Selling a Property *

* I work specifically with your individual requirements to support the balancing of the energies of your home / property for optimal health & harmony *

* Selling *

* Exploration may include clearing the residual energies of previous tenants / occupants ready for sale to the best buyer for the best price *

* Buying *

* Exploration may include clearing the residual energies of previous occupants, 

Numerology profile to ensure you are compatible with the energies of the house *

* Building *

* Exploration may include asking the Spirits & Ancestors of the land for permission to build *

* Balancing of the energies of a home / property are usually performed during a Distant Spiritual Alchemy Session *

A Distant Spiritual Alchemy Session offers you a comprehensive Report with Recommendations & Suggestions emailed directly to your Inbox. 

* Please contact me to discuss your unique requirements *

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