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* Reiki Relaxation Session *

* I invite you to experience my Divinely Guided

* Reiki Relaxation Session *

* Allow the loving vibrations of Divine Source Energy to nurture your * Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

and restore a sense of * Peace * Harmony * Balance & Alignment *

to all aspects of your Being *

* Give yourself or someone you love the ultimate gift of pure Reiki Relaxation *

* Includes a Spiritual Alchemy Elixir *


* Ready to invest in your Health & Well Being! *

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy therapy where I, as your specialist Reiki Master Practitioner channel and direct the 'Universal Life Force' energy through the palms of my hands. The energy flows to wherever it is required in your body. This technique is recommended for all who are new to energy therapy and is particularly beneficial for children, the elderly and pregnant women as it is very nurturing and gentle.

* Reiki Relaxation Session with Crystals *

Crystals & Gemstones may also be applied by request during your Reiki Relaxation Session to further enhance your experience.

* Here's what happens during your

* Reiki Relaxation Session *

* Your Investment *


Your investment in your health & well being is per person and per session.

* Duration *

1.5 hrs

Depending on your specific requirements, the duration of your session may vary.

* Location *

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


77 Mildmay St Fairfield

Brisbane Queensland

Australia 4103

* Consultation *

I begin your session by asking you if you have any specific Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual issues which you would like me to be aware of and focus on during your Session. During this consultation I ask you some questions to best understand how to approach your specific requirements.

All therapeutic processes are fully explained and you are encouraged to ask questions to assist with a greater understanding of the nature ofthe experience you have chosen. You remain fully clothed at all times. I make suggestions and offer alternatives to your current situation & circumstances, however my focus is to empower you to make your own decisions and to be the creator of your own life and your own destiny.

* Reiki / Bodywork *

After your Consultation, you are asked to comfortably position yourself on the massage table and your session will commence. This is yourtime to completely enjoy the process and you can expect to feel deep relaxation, a greater sense of peace, and an overall sense of well being. You may even fall asleep! All techniques applied during your session are very gentle where the only physical contact that I make with you is the light placement of my hands on specific areas of your body; most work is performed in your energy field which requires no physical contact. You can expect to experience Vibrational shifts as your body realigns itself, for example,a softening of previously tense muscles, easing of pain in your body, and a greater sense of peace, clarity and purpose in your life. 

* Reiki with Crystals & Gemstones *

Crystals & Gemstones may also be applied by request during your Reiki Relaxation Session

to further enhance your experience.

Each crystal or gem stone has a unique vibration as a result of its colour, structure and mineral content. Crystals are formed over thousands or millions of years sometimes under extreme conditions of heat and pressure such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. As a result of their unique qualities, crystals may be utilized to assist with the treatment of particular ailments and to assist your body to return to its natural state of 

perfect harmony and perfect balance.

* Star *

My Beautiful Black Cat * Star * shares my home and my Healing Space and will more than likely wish to meet you and potentially assist during your Therapy Session.

* Star * may wish to lay at your feet or assist in some other Divinely inspired way during your Session.

* Star * is my Spirit Helper in Physical Form.

* Discussion & Conclusion *

At the end of your session I offer any insights that I received during your session and I ask you forany feedback that you feel comfortable in sharing.

You also receive an * Intuitive Oracle Card Reading * to complement your

* Reiki Relaxation Session *

* Follow up Sessions *

Due to the gentle nature of Reiki, you will benefit from a single session or you may like to have ongoing sessions. Many clients like to have regular Reiki sessions purely for the purposes of relaxation. I discuss options with you at the end of your session specific to your personal requirements.

You are unique and therefore your requirements are unique. During your initial consultation, I discuss a treatment plan with you that is specific to your individual requirements. Assessment is ongoing and subject to change as you work through the processes of your own journey to 

balance and harmony.

Please note: All sessions are designed to assist you in attaining deep relaxation along with personal growth and transformation. You will remain fully clothed at all times. These methods are all forms of complementary therapy and in no way replace conventional medicine.

* Reiki Tuition *

Would you like to become a qualified Reiki Practitioner?

* Reiki Tuition is available by request *

* Reiki 1 *

* Reiki 2 *

* Reiki Master *

Your Reiki Qualifications are Approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

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