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* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom * Academy of Spiritual Alchemy * IICT Accredited Training Courses *
* Kinesiologist * Reiki Master * Teacher * Crystal Therapist *
* Spiritual Alchemist * Feng Shui Specialist * Numerolgoist * Spiritual Artist *
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* Sonia * Starflower * Jenkinson * 

* Reiki Master * Spiritual Alchemist * Crystal Therapist * Teacher  * Numerologist * 
Feng Shui Specialist * Spiritual Artist *

* Spiritual Alchemy Tuition *

Academy of Spiritual Alchemy

 * Begin your Journey today from Apprentice to Master Spiritual Alchemist at 

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


Available by request for individuals & small groups if you wish to:




All Workshops / Training Courses are available by Appointment 

to ensure that you receive maximum attention and answers to all of your specific questions. Each Course is tailored to suit your specific requirements and attendance time is flexible to suit your busy schedule. If you would rather be the only student in a personalized session then this is my specialty. Small groups of students (6 maximum) are also very welcome and lots of fun * Simply choose the Training Course which you would like to explore, pick a date which suits us both & Enjoy the experience! *

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* Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy *

A comprehensive Training Course recognized by the

International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) 

which explores all facets of Metaphysics &  * Spiritual Alchemy *

You will attain Skills, Knowledge & Mastery in the following:

* Reiki *

Reiki Relaxation Session
Reiki Master Tuition 2019
Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session

* Reiki 1 *

* Learn the Ancient Art *


* Hands on Healing * 

Learning Reiki 1 is ideal for use on yourself, friends, and family members, including pets! Reiki is also a spiritual method for personal growth & transformation.

* Reiki 2 *

* Learn the Art * 


* Distance Healing * 

You will learn 3 of the Sacred Reiki Symbols and how to apply these in sending healing energy over distance & time (including past life clearing).

* Reiki Master *

* The Ultimate Level of Service *


Learn the Reiki Attunement process with the use of Sacred Master Symbols and receive all of the necessary information to teach Reiki to Masters level


* Feng Shui *

Gold Prosperity & Abundance

* Learn the Ancient Art of Placement *

to restore * Balance * Harmony * Alignment * & * Flow *

to your 

* Body * Mind * Heart * Soul * & * Home *

* Crystal Therapy *

Crystal Grid Crystal Therapy 1 Tuition
Crystal Mandala 2019
Spiritual Alchemy Therapy

* Crystal Therapy 1 *

* Learn how to Perform a 

* Chakra Crystal Therapy Balance * Create a Crystal Grid * Use a Crystal Wand in an Ethical Manner *

* Create Simple Crystal Grids using your Crystal Wand *

* Learn how to Cleanse & Program  your Crystals *

* Explore the energy of Crystal Oracle Cards *

* Meet the Crystal Spirits *

* Awaken Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom with the Crystal Pool of Light Meditation 

* Experience a Divine Crystal Energy Balance *

* Crystal Therapy 2 *

* Learn how to 

* Perform Crystal Therapy *


* Oracle Cards *

* Apply Simple Crystal Layouts *

* Explore the energy of Crystal Oracle Cards *

* Experience a Crystal Energy Balance *

* Explore Intuitive Crystal Layouts *

* Crystal Therapy Master*

* Perform Advanced Crystal Therapy * applying Sacred Geometry

* Advanced use of Crystal Wand *  

 * Personal Mastery *


* Apply Advanced Crystal Layouts *

* Explore Sacred Geometry *

* Activate Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway Chakras *

* Experience the Merkaba Meditation *

* Experience a Sacred Geometry Crystal Balance *

* Spiritual Artist *

Goddess of Divine Light Spiritual Artist Tuition
* Learn how to channel & draw your own Spiritual Energies *

including Aura Colours, Symbols, Crystals, Animals and Angels 
using Soft Pastels on Paper 
and applying the principles of Sacred Geometry 
and then learn how to tune into the 
Spiritual Energies of others and provide 
an intuitive Interpretation & Reading

* No Artistic Experience required! *

* Mystical Numbers *

Mystical Numbers Tuition

* Learn the Art of Numerology *

The Study of Numbers otherwise known as Numerology 

can reveal much about you; 

your Strengths, Challenges, Life Lessons, Life Purpose 

and provide you with insight into how to reach your full potential.

* Your entire Blueprint for Life can be revealed from your Date of Birth! *

You will be given the keys to unlock your true potential!
* Discover the infinite uses for the application of Mystical Numbers *

* The Tarot *

Wands Suit Tarot Tuition
Cups Suit Tarot Tuition
Pentacles Suit Tarot Tuition
Swords Suit Tarot Tuition

This Training Course has been designed to simplify * The Tarot * 

As you explore each aspect of this Ancient Divination System you will also go on a journey of Self; Discovery to further activate & develop your own intuitive abilities.

During this fun Course which is suitable for all levels you will learn to:
* Give and receive a Tarot Reading
* Learn about the Celtic Cross Spread
* Identify the Major and Minor Arcana Cards

Learn to develop your confidence & intuition and enjoy the experience of giving and receiving clear and accurate 

* Tarot Card Readings *

using the traditional 

* Universal Waite deck of Tarot Cards *

* Spiritual Empowerment *

Spiritual Empowerment Tuition

Explore your Chakra Energy System 

with the assistance of * Crystals * Colour  * Sound * Oracle Cards *  

Spiritual Alchemy Mists * & Guided Meditation *

You will learn to:

* Create Abundance
* Improve your Health
* Create Balance and Harmony
* Attract Love & Joy into your Life
* Activate & Enhance your Intuition

Learn about your Chakra System and the important part it plays in maintaining excellent health. 

With the assistance of Crystals, Colour, Sound (Crystal Lyre), Spiritual Alchemy Mists, Oracle Cards and Guided Meditation, 

you will learn basic techniques to develop and further enhance your intuition and assist with Self-Empowerment as you tune into your own Energy System. 

* Elemental Alchemy *

Elemental Alchemy Tuition

* Elemental Alchemy *

offers you the opportunity to Step through the Doorway, 

Transform your Awareness and Begin the Journey

 to reach your Highest Potential. 

Explore the Mystical, Magical, Vibrational World which is all around you.

You will learn how to:

* Create an Altar
* Design your own Meditation
* Explore the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit
* Experience the Crystal Power Meditation
* Spirit Releasing Techniques
* Discover your Magical Name

 On Completion of all 8 Modules you will graduate as a fully qualified 

* Spiritual Alchemy Practitioner * 

and awarded your 

* Certificate of Attainment for Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy *

* Custom Tuition *

Tuition at Starflower's Crystal Wisdom

* Custom Tuition * 

is also available by request

Please Contact Me 

to discuss your specific requirements 

and I will develop a unique Tuition Experience e

specially suited to your individual objectives.

* Inspiration *

I have been Divinely Guided to create * Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy * 

a comprehensive range of IICT Accredited Training Courses 

to bring the highest level of Ethics & Integrity to the Metaphysical & Spiritual Therapies Industry

I am absolutely passionate about sharing my Knowledge & Wisdom with you in order to create Competent, Confident, Ethical Practitioners who have the highest level of Skills, Knowledge, Ethics, Professionalism and Integrity. 

* Interested in becoming my Apprentice? *

* Free Consultation Appointment *

If you are interested in completing the full Training Course of 8 Modules it is recommended to book in for a Free Consultation appointment.

During your Appointment, you have the opportunity to discuss your specific Training requirements, and ask me lots of questions. I will explain the Training process, and together we will create a Training Schedule which is tailored specifically for you.

* Please contact me to arrange your Free Consultation Appointment *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Sessions *

It is recommended when choosing to attend * Starflower’s Spiritual Alchemy * Complete Training Package (8 Modules) that you consider experiencing periodic Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Sessions as you feel guided, throughout the duration of your Training, to support the integration of new levels of energy and information.

Therapy Session $250 per person, per session

* Review & Revision *

If you feel guided, Review & Revision Days are available during your Training which will be offered for an attendance fee of 

$250 per person, per day.

* Repeat Attendance *

Repeat attendance of any individual Subjects / Modules will be charged at ½ the price of the full course fee provided you bring along your Course Manual and any necessary equipment. If you do not bring along your Manual you will be required to pay the full price fee of the course, in which case you will receive a New Manual and all associated materials for each specific course. Any additional / updated notes will be provided by me at no extra charge. You will receive a New Certificate of Attainment.

* Individual Modules *

Each Module is a complete qualification and may be attended individually in any order. Please note: subjects within a Module which have pre-requisites must be attended in the appropriate order, for example Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master.

* Training Packages *

A completely personalized training package will be created to meet your individual requirements. Discounts may be available upon negotiation.

* Assessment *

Your ability to demonstrate practical skills & knowledge will be assessed by observation & completion of a competency checklist during your Training. You will receive your Starflower’s Spiritual Alchemy Certificate on Successful Completion of this Complete 8 Module Training Course. Access to ongoing support & mentoring is available as required.

* * Please contact me to discuss your personalized Training Program * *

Begin your journey today to attain true Spiritual Gold * Self Mastery *

Gold Prosperity & Abundance

* Starflower's Crystal Wisdom *


Academy of Spiritual Alchemy

All Workshops & Training Courses are conducted at my beautiful purpose built Studio.

77 Mildmay St Fairfield, 4103, 

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

"I invite you to step onto the Crystal Pathway and awaken to your True Potential"

* Number of Students per Class *

All Tuition is available by Appointment to ensure that you receive maximum attention and answers to all of your specific questions.  Each  Course  is tailored  to  suit your specific requirements and attendance time is flexible to suit your busy schedule.   If you would  rather  be the only  student  in a personalized  session  then this  is  my specialty. Small groups of students (6 maximum) are also very welcome and lots of fun.

* Simply choose a date which suits us both & Enjoy the experience *

* Assessment *

Your ability to demonstrate practical skills and knowledge will be assessed by observation and completion of a competency checklist. 

* Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy * 

(8 Modules)

You are required to complete and submit a total of 8 Case Studies demonstrating all of the skills and techniques you have acquired, in order to attain your final qualification and Certificate. This process is completely explained during your Training.

You will receive your * Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy Certificate * on successful completion of this Training Course. Access to ongoing support and mentoring is available as required.

* Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy Tuition * 

Sonia Starflower Jenkinson

* Make a Booking * 
* Ask me a question *

Thank you for contacting me. I will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. Many Blessings, Sonia
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