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* Reiki Master * Spiritual Alchemist * Crystal Therapist * Teacher  * Numerologist * 
Feng Shui Specialist * Spiritual Artist *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mists * 
* Inspiration *

* In early December 2013, I received Divine Guidance to create a range of vibrational Mists to support my Therapy Sessions. Over the course of 2 days, I transcribed all of the Names and (secret) Formula's necessary for the creation  of these * Spiritual Alchemy Mists * of which there are 42 in Total.

* Divine Love *

* The first Mist I was guided to create was * Divine Love *

I followed the recipe as guided and was ready to test my new creation.

Having a scientific background, I have always tested out my creations and therapeutic techniques on myself and then on willing friends & family to receive feedback. My first experience of my new creation was just beautiful. 

I sprayed the Mist above my head 3 times and allowed the vibrations to gently float around my body, I felt an overwhelming sense of unconditional love, a significant shift in my vibration occurred. 

* The Complete Range *

It took me a further 6 months to source the practical components (bottles, labels) and create the Full Range of 42 * Spiritual Alchemy Mists * 

Each Mist has is own unique vibrational qualities, and it is my absolute pleasure to share my Divinely Inspired Creations with you!

* Spiritual Alchemy Elixirs *
* Inspiration *

I am a passionate Spiritual Alchemist and it brings me great joy to bring you the purest Divinely Inspired * Spiritual Alchemy Elixirs * of the highest vibration.

In late November 2016 I received Divine Guidance to create a range of Spiritual Alchemy Elixirs inspired by my Spiritual Alchemy Mist Collection in order to support you, my beautiful clients, on your journey toward a deeper level of Transformation & Soul Growth.

During the creation process of each Elixir I have found that I am refining the recipes & formula's initially channelled during the creation process of the Spiritual Alchemy Mists which has resulted in an even more pure Spiritual Alchemy Elixir & Mist which I am delighted to share with you!