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* Reiki Master * Spiritual Alchemist * Crystal Therapist * Teacher  * Numerologist * 
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* Intuitive Readings *

* Intuitive Readings * are included as part of all Therapy Sessions *

Gain Insight and Clarity to existing concerns with the assistance of Oracle Cards and Intuitive Interpretation. 

An Intuitive Reading is useful to identify the current state of your energies and provides you with insight to potential outcomes if you were to continue along your current path.

An Intuitive Reading provides you with an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to your current circumstances and supports you to work towards a more positive and beneficial outcome for the highest good of all.

* * Now is the perfect time to experience an Intuitive Reading * *

Please note: All sessions are designed to assist you in attaining deep relaxation along with personal growth and transformation. You will remain fully clothed at all times. These methods are all forms of complementary therapy and in no way replace conventional medicine.