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* Feng Shui *

* Feng Shui * is one of the many techniques which may be applied during your * Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

* Feng Shui is the Ancient Eastern Art of Placement *

Literally translated

Feng = Wind   &   Shui = Water

Our homes and possessions are extensions and reflections of ourselves and our own unique personalities.

Did you know that according to the Principles of Feng Shui, your Home and all of your Possessions are an extension of your Physical Body, and there are specific body parts associated with specific sectors of your Home?

For Example: your * Hands * correspond to the * Spirituality * Knowledge * & Wisdom Sector * of your Home.

If you store a lot of ‘junk’ or ‘clutter’ in this sector of your home or the flow of energy is blocked in some way, the physical result may be stiffness in your fingers & wrists, or an inability to get things done, your Spiritual Growth & Development may also be challenged. Similarly if the energy is not flowing harmoniously throughout your entire home, you may experience other physical symptoms in your Body as a result. 

* If you can relate to this and wish to find out more consider booking in for my 1 Day Feng Shui Workshop! *

* Tuition *

Like to Learn more about Feng Shui?

Join me for a fun day to learn simple techniques to create positive change and bring harmony and balance into your home and your life.

You will learn to identify the different Sectors of your home applying the principles of the Western Method of Feng Shui and simple techniques to activate each Sector.

For example – * Spirituality * Knowledge * & Wisdom * Sector.

You will also create a Vision Board to bring focus to a goal you would like to achieve. 

You will work with Affirmations, Coloured Pictures and Positive Intentions.

* Please visit the Feng Shui Tuition page to find out more! *

Please note: All sessions are designed to assist you in attaining deep relaxation along with personal growth and transformation. 
You will remain fully clothed at all times. These methods are all forms of complementary therapy and in no way replace 
conventional medicine.