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* April * 2021 * Newsletter *

* Welcome to the vibrations of Amazing April *

You may feel inspired to connect with the vibrations of 

* The Crystal Flower Grid *

to support you on your journey this month and to activate the qualities of:

* Joy * Renewal * Transformation * Divine Life Force Energy * Freedom *

* Each of us shines a unique

* Light *

and together we create a 

* Symphony of Light *

to share with each other and the Universe. 

I encourage you this month to activate your brightest light, 

* be colourful *

and weave your unique light throughout the tapestry of your life

 and the lives of those around you *

* April 2021 *
* Trading Hours *

* I am Open for Business *

* In Person Sessions available now *

* All Sessions are by Appointment only *

* Sessions & Training Courses available 7 Days *

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm

* Please Contact me if you require any further assistance or have any questions *

I invite you to journey with me this month as I explore the topics of:

* In Person Sessions *

* Available now *

* Mystical Numbers April 2021 *

* 9 * Rebirth * Renewal * Reflection * Review * Transformation *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey *

* 6 x 2.5hr Sessions *

* Now available for those ready for accelerated Evolution & Soul Growth *

* Freedom *

* Flow in Harmony with the Rhythm of your inner Joy *

* Choose Love *

& much more in this months Newsletter Edition *

* I invite everyone this month who feels guided and ready to make significant positive changes in their life circumstances, 

to consider one of my 

* Divinely Inspired Spiritual Alchemy Energy Sessions *

* now including Kinesiology Concepts *

whatever your concerns may be

I'm ready to listen & apply all of my skills & knowledge to gently support you on your journey *


* I have much to share with you this month, so settle in and enjoy the journey 

as you scroll down through my articles of interest *

* Reiki *
* The Healing Power of Touch *

* Humans are social beings and thrive on the healing power of touch to create a sense of bonding & connection, along with a sense of belonging, & self acceptance *

* The power of gentle touch assists in creating a sense of peace & calm, soothing the nervous system and allowing all of the body’s systems to return to a state of balance & harmony *

I’m finding an increasing number of clients contacting me for Reiki Relaxation Sessions * which is a wonderful way to experience the nurturing qualities of gentle hands on healing & experience the healing power of Touch.

* Human Beings are designed to Self-Heal *

* Reiki supports your re-connection with the Divine Source within and activates your natural self healing abilities *

Universal Life Force Energy flows through the Practitioner’s hands allowing the client to accept & receive the perfect amount of energy to suit their individual requirements to restore a sense of balance & harmony.

* Reiki Tuition *

* You may feel guided and ready to take the next step on your journey of personal growth and learn Reiki to share the benefits of the healing power of touch with family members, friends, pets & the Earth *

* All of my Training Courses are run by Request, so when you feel guided and ready, simply contact me with your proposed dates and we can begin! *

* Harmonize your Energy with the Rhythm of the Universe *

* Begin the month of April with a nourishing Gift of Love for yourself *

* Restore Peace & Tranquility to your * Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

* Book your Session Today *

* Gift Certificates *

Gift someone special a Gift Certificate for 

* Spirit Art * Therapy Session * Spiritual Alchemy Mists * Tuition * Spiritual Alchemy Jewellery *

or a Custom Pamper Package *

* A range of Gift Certificates are available to suit all occasions *

* Spiritual Alchemy Sessions *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey *

6 x 2.5hr Sessions


* Spiritual Alchemy Session *

including Kinesiology concepts


* Pendulum Power Clearing Sessions *


* Reiki Relaxation *


* Intuitive Reading *


* Spirit Art *


* Distant Sessions are also available *

* lnspiration & lnsight *

* I would like to offer some insight, suggestions, inspiration & intuitive support 

from my many years as a Spiritual Alchemist & Metaphysical Practitioner *

* Please accept only the information which resonates with you at this time *

* Feed your * Body * Mind * Heart & Soul * only with Love *

Each of us is responsible for maintaining our own radiant health and collectively we have the ability to transform the vibration of ourselves and the Earth to live and breathe in Harmony & Balance with the Symphony of the Universe. 

* The Choices that each of us makes today builds our new World *

* Choose Love *

* Freedom & Sovereignty *

* Freedom * 

A true sense of freedom originates from within, when we each connect with our inner spark of Divine Light and begin to harmonize with the vibrations of Divine Love & Joy *

We are all an eternal spark of the Divine and are always Free (regardless of the external circumstances)

Nothing and no one has the ability to take away your Freedom or your Sovereignty unless you grant them permission!

* Sovereignty * 

Much of my work with clients is now involved with supporting the establishment of Sovereignty.

Encouraging an awareness of your individual rights as a Human Being which includes the right to make empowered choices, to set clear boundaries, to say 'NO' to concepts which are not in alignment with your highest potential, and to exercise the freedom to claim your integrity & align with your innate Power; to live a life filled with happiness, radiant health & vitality and to fulfill your Earthly Mission.

The Earthly Vehicle which houses your Spiritual Essence for the duration of this lifetime on Planet Earth is your unique Human Body which is a magnificent creation & Divine work of Art designed to function optimally allowing you to experience radiant Health.

When you choose healthy foods, and make appropriate & empowered choices to maintain your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul in optimal condition, then your journey through life has the potential to be healthy, harmonious & filled with Joy & Happiness. 

Our body is naturally designed to self heal in order to support radiant health and vitality at all times, however if we are not aware of our Sovereign rights, then we are not connected with our natural abilities, and often we are not aware that we can make different and more empowered decisions. We will then be adversely influenced by the world around us. 

Each of us is a product of the environment around us and the influences of our parents, teachers, friends, society, cultural beliefs, and the governing regulations of our state & country. If we are not aware of our Sovereign Human Rights, then it is likely that we are not aware that we have the ability to make different decisions, and more empowered choices, particularly regarding our health. 

The exciting news is, you now have options!

The therapeutic techniques which I offer support you to reclaim your Freedom & your Sovereignty, and consciously reconnect with your Divine Power & Divine Life Force which is your Divine Right as a Human Being, enabling you to become aware of your body's requirements to establish optimal health.

* Divine Light *

* I encourage you this month to spend some quiet time in 

* Meditation *

and focus on the Source of your 

Life Force 

and your Breath *

Consider connecting with the concepts of:

* Divine Light *

* Unity *

* Divine Love *

* Harmony *

* Peace *

* Tranquility *

* Strength *

* Divine Power *

* Sovereignty *

* Divine Free Will *

Also, consider spending a few minutes each day under the healing rays of the Sun allowing the purifying & empowering  qualities to restore a sense of Radiant Life Force Energy and Divine Power

* We are all Solar Beings of Divine Light *

When I stand under the light of the Sun, I set the intention that I only receive 

the healing nourishing & empowering energies of this

 * Divine Light *

* Intuitive Readings *

* Receive a sense of Clarity & Purpose in April 2021 *

$150 ..... 1.5hrs


* I invite you to experience my Divinely Guided 

* Intuitive Readings *

* Gain Insight & Clarity to existing concerns with the assistance of 

* Tarot Cards *

* Oracle Cards * 

* Numerology * 

& Intuitive Interpretation *

* Includes a Spiritual Alchemy Elixir *


* Create Balance & Harmony in your Home & your Life *

April connects us with the frequency of the number 4 signifying a time of 

* Practicality * Stability * Support * Foundation * Boundaries *

on all levels of our being.

As above, so below

As within, so without

All of our thoughts & beliefs whether conscious, subconscious or unconscious create the world & reality which we choose to experience. 

Simply talking about our 'issues' & perceived challenges essentially keeps up stuck in the mind, spiraling around and around in analysis and ultimately getting further & further away from a solution and a desired sense of Peace Balance & Harmony & a true connection with the vibration of Love

To create a true and lasting sense of Peace, Harmony & Balance 

a multidimensional approach is required to optimize harmony on all levels of our being because we are multidimensional...we are so much more that flesh and blood and bones. the human being consists of a Physical body along with other energy bodies including an etheric (energy) body,  emotional body, mental body, causal body & Light body to name a few. 

Balanced forms of therapy involve energy balancing along with discussion in order to bring our subconscious beliefs into the conscious mind in order to integrate new and more harmonious frequencies of energy which create more harmonious belief systems which allow us to connect with a sense of Peace, Love, Balance & Harmony.

As we are willing to let go of old outdated & limiting beliefs & concepts we allow our consciousness to expand and our essence to connect with new frequencies of beneficial energy so that we may continue on our journey toward reaching our highest potential.

We all have free will, and the choice and option to continue on our current path, often with obstacles, limitation, & very little growth or we can choose a sense of freedom and joy, and engage in conscious co-creation with the Divine Source and experience multidimensional soul growth and an overall sense of peace & joy in all levels of our life.

* If you feel guided and ready to make significant positive changes in your life, 

consider my Divinely Guided Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

* The Art of Placement *
* Feng Shui Tuition *

* Align your * Body * Mind * Heart * Soul * & * Home * 

in harmony with the rhythm & flow of the Elements *

1 Day 9am - 5pm


Create a new fresh vibration in your Home

and feel more harmonious healthy & energized on all levels of your being.

Feng Shui is the art of placing items in your home and work environment to create an harmonious and balanced flow of energy. 

If you feel tired, stuck, stagnant, or heavy with no flow or sense of radiant joy in your life, then there may be areas of blocked energy in your home / workplace & body.

Would you like to learn simple techniques to remove these blocks from your 

Home, Body, and Life?

According to the wisdom of Feng Shui, our Home and the items it contains are a reflection of our

 Mind (Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious) and our Beliefs.

if there are blocks / resistance in our thinking, and in our Mind this is often reflected in blocks & limitation in our living environment and other areas of our life.

Applying the Principles of Feng Shui allows us to shine a light on anything which is holding us back from reaching our highest potential and supports us with simple & easy concepts to make significant and powerful changes in our lives, simply by moving a few items around in our home!!

* Feng Shui supports the harmonious flow of energy throughout your home in harmony with the Elements of Nature *

For example: there may be too much of the Fire Element in the Wealth & Abundance Area of your Home 

which is an indication that you may be 'burning through your money' faster than you are earning it!!

Join me for a fun 1 Day Tuition Experience 

restore a sense of harmony & balance to your

* Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey*
* For those ready for accelerated Evolution & Soul Growth *

$1500 ..... 6 x 2.5hr Sessions


* Step onto the Path of your Highest Potential with the assistance of specifically tailored Mentoring Sessions to suit your individual requirements *

* Allow yourself to receive Encouragement, Guidance & Support as you truly connect with the Divine Essence of your  

* Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

Therapeutic Techniques include: 

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy *

* Kinesiology *

* Reiki *

* Numerology *

* Crystal Therapy *

* Colour Therapy *

* Crystal Lyre *

* Feng Shui *

* Crystal Pendulum *

* Intuitive Readings *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mists & Elixirs *

Please Contact me to discuss your specific requirements and together we will create a detailed Plan of approach which will be explored in your Package of 6 specifically tailored Mentoring Sessions to support you on your Soul Journey *

Together we explore your specific Goals & desired outcomes along with all aspects of your life including

* Health *

* Environments *

* Recreation *

* Relationships *

* Career *

* Finances *

* Personal Development *

and much more and work toward clearing any stress or blocks that may be limiting you from experiencing radiant health & vitality and living a glorious life.

Each session works toward reconnecting you with your natural self-healing abilities, establishing Sovereignty & supporting your Divine Life Path & Purpose *

* Step onto the path of your highest potential Today *

* Pendulum Power Clearing *

$250 ..... 2.5hrs


During your Session a Crystal Pendulum is used to Dowse, Identify  & Clear the origin of any imbalances within your current circumstances.


explored during your session may include: 

* specific Health Issues

* Career Goals

* Financial Issues 

* Relationship Issues

* Real Estate

* and much more!!

As a suggestion, I encourage you to identify any challenges to your current circumstances and also assess your goals and what it is that you would like to achieve and then we can explore together and clear anything which may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals.

* Harmonize your Energy with the Rhythm of the Universe *

* Discover The New You with a nourishing Gift of Love for yourself *

* Restore Peace & Tranquility to your * Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

* Book yourself in for a revitalizing Spiritual Alchemy Energy Session Today *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session *

$250 ..... 2.5hrs


* This is my most requested Session and is truly an Event 

for your * Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

* Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session * 

is very beneficial in supporting you to access your own inner spark of

 * Divine Light * Love & Wisdom * 

and to assist in returning you to your natural state of perfect balance & perfect harmony.

Are you feeling challenged with:

* Chronic Fatigue *

* Stress *

* Depression *

* Work / Life Balance *

* Life Purpose *

* Addictions *

* Career *

* Relationships *

* Financial Flow & Abundance *

* Spiritual Direction *

During a * Starflower's Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session * the following techniques may be applied:

* Kinesiology *

* Colour & Sound Frequencies *
* Crystal Energies *
* Oracle Cards *
* Feng Shui *
* Numerology *
* Vibrational Therapies *
* The Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) *
* Starflower’s Spiritual Alchemy Symbols & Mists *
* Planetary Energies *
* Animal Energies *
* Shamanic Techniques *
* Restoration & Activation of Perfect Genetic Blueprint *
* Chakra Balance & Alignment *
* Violet Flame Purification *
* Release of Non-Beneficial Energies & Entities including:
* Implants *
* Negative Thought Forms *
* Contracts *
* Vows *
* Family & Genetic Patterns *
* Spirit Attachments *
* Addictions *
* Curses *
* Spells *

* Reiki Symbols & Universal Life Force Energy *

* Assistance from:

* Spirit Guides *
* Angels *
* Arch Angels *
* Ascended Masters *
* Galactic Light Beings *
* Nature Spirits *
* Animal Spirits *
* Crystal Spirits *
* Elemental Spirits *

* Etheric Surgery *

* Soul Retrieval *

* Past Life / Other Lifetime Clearing *

* Crystal Pendulum Clearing *
* Guided Meditation *

* it's time to Relax & Receive *

* In our busy, fast paced lives, we often don't allow ourselves enough time out to simply 

* Relax *

* Breathe *

* Receive *

and allow our body the time it needs to refresh and replenish *

* Today, give yourself the Gift of a nourishing * Reiki Relaxation Session *

* Reiki Relaxation *

$150 ..... 1.5hrs


* I invite you to experience my Divinely Guided 

* Reiki Relaxation Session *

* Allow the loving vibrations of Universal Life Force Energy to nurture your Body, Mind & Soul *

* Give yourself or someone you love the ultimate gift of pure *

 * Reiki Relaxation *

* Spirit Art *

* Now is a Great time to uplift & align your Physical & Spiritual Vibration for the New Season*


including Intuitive Reading

Soft Pastel on Paper

50cm x 60cm

* Allow me to create a unique drawing of your Spiritual Energies to support you on your Soul Journey *


* Spirit Art *
* free postage *


When I create Spirit Art for you, I am tuning in to your:

* Higher Self *

* Angels *

* Animal Spirit Guides *

* Spiritual Energies & Guides *

* Elemental Energies *

* Aura Colours *

* Unique Soul Symbols *

* Crystals *

* Affirmations * 

* Name of your Guide *

* As I channel the image from the intuitive messages I receive from the * Divine Source

I require the following please:

* Full Name *

* Date of Birth *

* Postal Address *

I only require the Full Name and Date of Birth of the person that I am creating the drawing for 

along with a Postal Address and the completed drawing can be posted directly to your door *

* April *

* Welcome to the Energy of April *

I invite you this month to work with the quality of 


I encourage you this month to 

put practical steps into place to improve your health and well being 

infuse every breath, thought, word, & action with 

* LOVE *

* Love for your Self and Love for Others * Love for all that you do *

Consider exploring the following Affirmations: 

* I am at peace with myself & with the whole world *

* I love everyone and everyone loves me *

* I lovingly nourish my Physical body with healthy food & water, gentle exercise, and adequate sleep *

* I lovingly nourish my Mind with positive healthy information & thoughts *

* I lovingly nourish my Emotional body with lots of laughter *

* I lovingly nourish my Spiritual body with gentle meditation & spending time with nature *

* MAGICAL OPPORTUNITIES are available for you to make a FRESH START *

As the 4th Month of the calendar year April vibrates to the number 4 and the colours 

GreenPink which resonates with the qualities of 

* Love *

* Gratitude *

* Tenderness *

* Growth *

* Forgiveness *

* Heart Chakra *

(located in the centre of the chest)

* Quan Yin *

(Goddess of Compassion & Kindness)

* Compassion *

* Trust *

4 also vibrates with the energy of THE EMPEROR in the Traditional Tarot 

and encourages you this month to work with the concepts of 

* Responsibility *

* Structure *

* Boundaries *

* Organization *

* Focus *

* Goals *

* Stability *

* Foundation *

* Be Gentle & Loving to Yourself and Others TODAY!! *

Consider incorporating more Green foods into your diet this month, and wearing Green or Pink jewellery, underwear, or clothing, and even use Pink / Green Soap to activate the qualities of

* LOVE *

* Egg *

The symbol of the Egg has special significance this month 

and is a powerful reminder of your Infinite Potential to activate 

* New Beginnings *

and Initiate fresh new approaches to all aspects of your life. 

Connect with the vibrations of the Egg to activate the qualities of:

* Birth *

* Fertility *

* Beginnings *

* Abundance *

* Prosperity *

* Infinite Potential *

* Golden Opportunities *

* Life Force Energy *

* if there are any habits or patterns in your life which you wish to explore and release, 

this month offers the perfect opportunity to let them go and create a more fulfilling and harmonious life *

* Tuition available now in person *

* Begin your Journey today from Apprentice to Master and receive Accredited Tuition in the following subjects *

* Reiki *
* Learn the ancient Art of Hands on Healing and become a channel for Universal Life Force Energy *
* Become a qualified Reiki Practitioner and learn the Art of Distant Healing with the support of the 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols *
* Take your training to the next level and become a Reiki Master, the ultimate level of service, and learn how to
Teach & Attune others to Reiki *

* Crystal Therapy *
* Explore the magic of the Crystal Kingdom as you learn to create Crystal Grids, and develop therapeutic skills to apply crystals in advanced healing techniques *

* Tarot *
* Learn the ancient Art of Divination and develop your intuition to become a qualified Intuitive Tarot Card Reader *

* Feng Shui *
* Learn the ancient art of placement to harmonize your home & your life with the rhythms of Energy & the Elements *

* Numerology *
* Your entire Blueprint for life can be revealed from your Date of Birth * Learn the art of Numerology to identify your Strengths, Challenges, Life Path & Purpose to become a fully qualified Numerologist *

* Spirit Art *
* Develop your Intuition and let your creativity blossom as you learn to channel Divine Spiritual Energies
 to become a fully qualified Spiritual Artist *

* All of my Training Courses are run by Request, so whenever you feel guided and ready to learn new skills & develop your intuition & creativity, simply contact me with your proposed dates and be ready to begin your journey of self-empowerment *

* Custom Tuition also available *

* If you are already a Practitioner and wish to acquire specific knowledge & develop specific techniques to enhance your Skill Set

please contact me to discuss your requirements and together we will create a unique workshop especially for you *

* Mystical Numbers *


2: Equilibrium, Balance, Harmony, Equality, Partnership

0: Infinite Potential, Open Doorways of Opportunity

1: New Beginnings, Leadership, Action, Energy, Independence, Sovereignty

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

 2021 vibrates with the Universal number 5

radiates the qualities of:

* Freedom *

* Expansion *

* Success *

* Change *

* Authentic Self-Expression *

* Creativity *

* Leadership *

* Honesty *

* Truth *

* Communication *

* Throat Chakra Activation *

2021 encourages you to:


* Find your Voice *

* Speak your Truth *

* Express your Divine Authentic Self *

* Be Creative *

* Sing *

* Chant *

* Tone *

* Connect with Celestial Music *

* Engage in Active Listening *

* Balance & harmonize your Throat Chakra *

When your Throat Chakra is out of balance you may experience Thyroid gland imbalance, ongoing ear / nose / throat infections, stiff / sore neck & shoulders and feel unable to express yourself. You may also feel that you are not being heard or acknowledged. 

* Now is the time to reclaim your Power, 

Reclaim your Voice and Speak Up, 

Express your Truth, and Create the life you truly wish to live *

* Consider a Spiritual Alchemy Session to support the clearing of any blocks or limitations

associated with your Throat Chakra

*  Mystical Numbers & The Tarot 2021 *

* April * 2021 vibrates with the Number 9

4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 9

In the traditional Tarot, 9 aligns with The Hermit

The number 9 radiates the qualities of:

* Transformation *

* Renewal *

* Reflection *

* Rebirth *

* Review *

* Seeking Wise Counsel *

* Study *

* Meditation *

* Inner Light *

* Now is the time connect with the Divine Light within & Choose Love *

* Consider an Intuitive Reading to gain insight & clarity into your current circumstances *

* Every day in April is extra special * 

Supercharged dates are:

4 / 4 / 2021

* Stability * Structure * Boundaries * Study * Practical Matters *

12 / 4 / 2021

* New Moon * 

27 / 4 / 2021

* Full Moon *

and each is a

very powerful day 

to do what you love, perhaps consider experiencing a 

* Transformational Energy Session *

* Please be quick to secure your booking on your preferred special day!! *

* A Spiritual Alchemy Session * is an ideal way to explore areas in your life you wish to strengthen & develop,

 and those that you wish to release *

* Set your intentions for the life you truly wish to live and step through the Doorway into a brand new world *

* Now is the time to shine your brightest light and align with your Divine Life Path and Purpose *

* Book in today to secure your time for a powerful * Spiritual Alchemy Energy Session *

* ln Person Sessions available now *


* Spirit Art *

* Reiki Relaxation *

* Intuitive Readings *


* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy *

* Pendulum Power Clearing *


* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey * 6 x 2.5hr Sessions *

* April 2021 *
* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Sessions *

Only 2 Sessions are available each day, and are already filling up Fast!

* I am also now taking bookings for 

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey's of 6 x 2.5hr Sessions * 

as many of you are making the commitment to yourself to nurture self love & self empowerment *

Each Session is a personalized Event to restore balance, harmony & alignment to your 

* Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

so, when you feel guided and ready, 

* please Contact me to secure your preferred Appointment *

* My Commitment to you *

I walk the path of Divine Inspiration and my role & life purpose while inhabiting a physical body on this planet is to shine my Divine Light, to Inspire, to demonstrate by example that it is possible to overcome adversity, to thrive and prosper. 

I offer you Crystal Wisdom, Divinely inspired messages from the Stars, Art, Vision, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Grace, & Love.

I am a * Healer * Mystic * Artist * Teacher * Divine Messenger * Spiritual Alchemist * Radiant Light Being * a student of life * and so much more, and I consider it an absolute honour to share my skills & abilities and life experience with each and every one of you.

My intention is to offer insight and concepts to consider and I encourage you to connect with your own intuitive guidance to find the information which best resonates with you at this time.  I welcome questions, so if you would like to know more, please contact me : )

During each of my Training Courses & Therapy Sessions, I explore the concepts of Energy Medicine & Spiritual Alchemy in great depth and detail, so if you are interested in learning more about energy healing techniques, becoming a Practitioner, or would like to experience first hand the benefits of an Energy Session with me, then I would love to share my wisdom & knowledge with you.

Energy Medicine activates your * Mind * Body * Soul’s * natural ability to self-heal and reminds you of your connection with the Divine Source within, the Infinite Flow of Universal Life Force Energy, along with your Faith in yourself and your own unique abilities, which when harnessed also connect you with Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Happiness, Abundance, 

Wealth & Prosperity, Peace & Radiant Health. 

* All of these qualities already exist within you  *

Energy therapies access the origin & source of the symptoms which are being presented & expressed in your body. Your body is a direct reflection of the concepts & beliefs, conscious & subconscious programs you hold within your Mind. In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, See, Sense & Listen to the messages that your Body is offering you.

* Moon Cycles *

* New Moon *

Monday 12th April 2021

* New Beginnings * a great time to Review *

 * Release * &  * Rebuild Solid Foundations *

* in all areas of your life *

* Full Moon *

Tuesday 27th April 2021

* Completion * Accomplishment * Recognition *

* Transformation * Alchemy * Empowerment *

* The Full Moon & New Moon offer powerful Portals of Opportunity for Transformation on all levels *

The Moon governs the tidal flow of Water across the entire Planet and so it makes sense that we as Human Beings are also affected by the Cycles of the Moon as we are approximately 65% Water!!

Our Emotions are also connected with the Element of Water and often fluctuate according to the Moon Cycles.

Experiencing an Energy Balance such as a Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session


is highly recommended on these super charged days!! 

* Please Contact me for further information 

and be quick to book in for your unique Transformational experience *

* Divine Manifestation *

Each of us has the spark of the Divine Source within and so we are all powerful co-creators of the world in which we live.

We have all been given the Gift of Free Will as human beings on Planet Earth and this allows us complete creative expression to manifest anything which we focus our minds and hearts on.

If we 'TRY' to manifest or force an outcome, often it is long delayed 

or fulfilled in a way which is not for our highest good, this is an example of using Ego / Personal Will.

If we choose to place our request, allow, and truly trust that the Divine Source will provide us with our request or something even better than we could have imagined then this is Divine Manifestation and in alignment with Divine Will.

Divine Manifestation requires that each request be in accordance with the Highest good of all and harm none.

For example:  we may decide we would like a new and more fulfilling job / position at work... 

Divine Manifestation would encourage us to decide what our ideal job / position may be and then allow the signs & synchronicities to guide us on our path to the fulfillment of our request. 

Forced / Ego Manifestation would indicate that we may try and take another's job / position, 

which may result in short term gain, but long term discontent.

* Allow your heart and mind to guide you in all you do and you will always be 

Manifesting your best life in harmony with the Divine *

* I Manifest in Harmony with the Divine Source *

* Affirmation *
* Positive words with powerful intent *

We are now in very powerful and exciting times here on Planet Earth and I would like to bring your particular attention the the immense power of your thoughts, along with  the spoken and written word, , each of which is an Affirmation...You are a very powerful creator of your experiences and whatever you consistently feed with your thoughts, and words ultimately becomes manifest in your experiences.

Working with Affirmations is a simple and effective way of heightening your vibration and enhancing your overall sense of well being. You may like to write your Affirmation and say it out loud…try it for yourself and feel the difference!

* I Heart is now Open to receive Divine Love * 

* Your thoughts and your words are all Affirmations *

* I choose Joy *

* I choose Freedom *

* I choose Sovereignty *

* I choose all of my Thoughts, Words, & Actions *

* I invite you to notice how many times a day you speak positively and tell yourself

 you are 

wonderful & brilliant and that you can succeed & prosper in all that you do *

* Now, I invite you to notice 

how many times that you speak with negativity, 

often with passion & intensity, telling yourself that you can’t do or have something *

* Your body and the world around you respond, often immediately to all of your thoughts, words & actions *

You have the power to completely transform your life 

just by modifying your thoughts and words!!

SUGGESTION: write and speak out loud your Affirmations at least 4 times each day for April, 

using the colour * Green * Pink * be creative * have FUN!!

The Universe says ‘YES’ to everything that you think and say!!!

Thinking thoughts and speaking words that are encouraging and supportive 

of yourself and others 

will allow you to create the life that you truly want to live!!

* Affirmation Key *

Affirmation + Energy Balance = Alignment with Highest Potential

Your Affirmations are best supported with a Spiritual Alchemy Energy Balance such as a 


* Reiki Relaxation *

* Pendulum Power Clearing *

* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy Session * 

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Sessions Package *


to ensure the pathway of the Subconscious & Conscious Mind and associated Manifestation Portals are all clear and in alignment with your Highest Potential *

* Crystals *


* Love * Gratitude * Heart Chakra *

* Emotional Balance * Angels of Love ** Gentleness * Kindness * Nurturing *


* Love * Gratitude * Archangel Raphael * 

* Growth * Prosperity * Nurturing * Financial Wealth & Abundance * Healing *

* You may wish to meditate with each image & connect with the energy of the Crystals for inspiration this month *

* My Philosophy & Earth Mission *

* I am absolutely passionate about every aspect of my Life *

* It is my Philosophy & Mission to share my Knowledge & Wisdom with all who feel guided to work with me, to provide support and gentle guidance in a safe professional environment where you may access your own inner spark of 

* Divine Light * Love * & * Wisdom * 

so that you may accept responsibility for your own health & well being and align with your highest potential *

* If you feel guided, please share my Newsletter link 

with all who you feel may benefit from my Divinely Inspired Message *

* Thank you *

* Many Blessings to all for the month of April * Sonia *

* Sonia * Starflower * Jenkinson *

* Reiki Master *

* Spiritual Artist *

* Kinesiologist *

* Crystal Therapist *

* Numerologist *

* Spiritual Alchemist *

* Feng Shui Specialist *

* Teacher of Starflower’s Spiritual Alchemy *


77 Mildmay St Fairfield Brisbane Qld 4103

m: 0419 66 4711

international+ 61 419 66 4711

e: [email protected]

w: www.soniastarflower.biz

ABN: 78 787 649 856

I am a * Healer * Mystic * Artist * Teacher * Divine Messenger * Spiritual Alchemist * Radiant Light Being * a student of life * and so much more! I walk the path of Divine Inspiration and my role & life purpose while inhabiting a physical body on this planet is to shine my Divine Light, to Inspire, to demonstrate by example that it is possible to thrive & prosper. I offer you Crystal Wisdom, Divinely inspired messages from the Stars, Alignment, Art, Vision, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Grace & Love, and I consider it an absolute honour to share my skills, abilities and life experience with each and every one of you *

I am a qualified Teaching Reiki Master now with over 15 years of experience. I’m also a qualified Kinesiologist, Vibrational Therapist, specialising in Crystal, Colour, Sound, & Energy Therapies, a Numerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, & Professional Intuitive Reader, with Diploma’s in both Metaphysics & Spiritual Artistry. With an Associate Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Techniques from QUT, and a professional background in Clinical Biochemistry, I bring a wealth of Practical Knowledge & Intuitive Wisdom to all of my Sessions.

My Philosophy & Mission is to share my Knowledge & Wisdom with all who feel guided to work with me; to provide support and gentle guidance in a safe professional environment so that you may access your own inner spark of * Divine Light * Love * & Wisdom * , to accept responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and achieve your highest potential. My Therapy Sessions & Training Courses are conducted at Starflower’s Crystal Wisdom Academy of Spiritual Alchemy, my beautiful purpose built Studio in the inner Brisbane suburb of Fairfield, and I also offer specialist Tuition at additional venues in harmony with qualified Master Teachers & Practitioners by request.

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