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* Spiritual Alchemy Kinesiology *

* I have now completed an epic 2 year journey of learning & self development to attain my Diploma of Kinesiology *

* Spiritual Alchemy Sessions are now available including Kinesiology concepts *


* Spiritual Alchemy Therapy *

* Kinesiology * applies the unique technique of gentle muscle monitoring to communicate with your Divine Intelligence to receive insight & information which activates your * Mind * Body * Soul’s natural ability to self-heal and reminds you of your connection with the Divine Source within, the Infinite Flow of Universal Life Force Energy, along with your Faith in yourself and your own unique abilities, which when harnessed also connect you with Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Happiness, Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity, Peace & Radiant Health.

* All of these qualities already exist within you *

Kinesiology techniques access the origin & source of the symptoms which are being presented & expressed in your body.

Your body is a direct reflection of the concepts & beliefs, conscious & subconscious programs you hold within your Mind.

In order to truly Heal, you must be willing to Feel, See, Sense & Listen to the messages that your Body is offering you.

'often when we feel discomfort or pain in our body, or an aspect of our life is not flowing in the way we would ideally like it to, this can be as a result of a disconnection with our Divine Intelligence & Innate Awareness. We become stressed, our thoughts become scattered, our life begins to disintegrate, as we try to 'fix' or solve the issue from only the level of the mind, instead of allowing the Divine to work through us and provide us with the innate awareness to follow our intuition, to listen to and see the Divinely inspired messages and signs that our body is offering us, and connect with golden opportunities when they are presented to us'

* we must be willing to change, to let go of all that no longer serves us and step into the unknown

in order to experience our highest potential *

* Kinesiology is a gentle yet powerful holistic therapeutic technique

which supports you to restore Balance & Harmony to your entire Being,

* Body * Mind * Heart * & * Soul *

and Flow in Harmony with your Divine Life Path & Purpose *

I have an ongoing commitment to learning new skills and therapeutic techniques to best serve your individual requirements. I tailor every session to meet your specific requirements by blending my knowledge of the physical sciences with the wisdom of the metaphysical arts, thus applying an holistic approach whereby you are supported to achieve your highest potential. 

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