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* Special Offer *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey *

* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey Special *

$1500 ..... 6 x 2.5hr Sessions + Spirit Art

* Includes a channeled drawing of your personal energies, on completion of your Journey, as a Special Gift *

(Spirit Art valued at $150)

(Payment plan available...Deposit must be paid by 30th June 2022 to secure this special offer)

* Step onto the Path of Ascension and Align with your Divine Blueprint with the assistance of specifically tailored

Mentoring Sessions

to suit your individual requirements *

* Allow yourself to receive Encouragement, Guidance & Support as you truly connect with the Divine Essence of your

* Body * Mind * Heart & Soul *

* Begin your Ascension process today! *

* Contact Sonia *


* Spiritual Alchemy Mentoring Journey *


* Spirit Art *

* Spiritual Alchemy Tuition *

* In person IICT Approved Training Courses available by request *

* Begin your Journey today from Apprentice to Master and receive IICT Approved Tuition in the following subjects *

* Reiki *

* Learn the ancient Art of Hands on Healing and become a channel for Universal Life Force Energy *

* Become a qualified Reiki Practitioner and learn the Art of Distant Healing with the support of the 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols *

* Take your training to the next level and become a Reiki Master, the ultimate level of service, and learn how to

Teach & Attune others to Reiki *

* Crystal Therapy *

* Explore the magic of the Crystal Kingdom as you learn to create Crystal Grids, and develop therapeutic skills to apply crystals

in advanced healing techniques *

* Tarot *

* Learn the ancient Art of Divination and develop your intuition to become a qualified Intuitive Tarot Card Reader *

* Feng Shui *

* Learn the ancient art of placement to harmonize your home & your life with the rhythms of Universal Energy & the Elements *

* Mystical Numbers * Numerology *

* Your entire Blueprint for life can be revealed from your Date of Birth * Learn the art of Numerology to identify your Strengths, Challenges,

Life Path & Purpose to become a fully qualified Numerologist *

* Spirit Art *

* Develop your Intuition and let your creativity blossom as you learn to channel Divine Spiritual Energies

to become a fully qualified Spiritual Artist *

* All of my Training Courses are delivered by Request *

so whenever you feel guided and ready to learn new skills & develop your intuition & creativity, 

simply contact me with your proposed dates and be ready to begin your journey of self-empowerment *


* Tuition *

* Spirit Art *

* Valid 1st - 30th June 2022 *


* Including Intuitive Reading *

Free Postage

Soft Pastel on Paper

50cm x 60cm

* Allow me to create a unique drawing of your Spiritual Energies to support you on your Soul Journey in 2022 *


Spirit Art Special


* Spirit Art *

* Miriam's Yoga for Life *

* Miriam offers a vast range of on-demand yoga classes which you can experience from the comfort of your own home *


* Online Yoga Studio *

* Mukti Yoga Centre *

* Introduction to Numerology & The Tarot *


* Sonia​ * Starflower * Jenkinson *

* Go on a journey of self-discovery

as you experience an Introduction to 

* Numerology & The Tarot *

both Ancient Arts of Divination,

to reveal a sample of the hidden secrets & symbolism within your Date of Birth *

* Sonia is a qualified Numerologist & Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Reader *

with over 10yrs professional experience, offering you a wealth of knowledge & wisdom

* Each participant will go in the draw to win a 1hr Intuitive Oracle Reading *

(valued at $100)


* Sonia * Starflower * Jenkinson *

* Introduction to Numerology & The Tarot *

$55 per person

Sunday 24th July 2022

1:30pm – 3pm

Mukti Yoga Centre Level 1/164 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151

Please Contact Miriam to book in for this Event

Miriam      m: 0400 187 181      e: [email protected]

* Book Now *

You will Receive:

* Course Notes + Worksheets

* $50 Gift Voucher (valid for use when attending any of Sonia’s Training Courses)

Please bring along:

* Notepad

* Pen

* Calculator (optional) (we will be using simple addition only)

Please note: We will be sitting on yoga mats on the floor, however, to ensure your own comfort, please bring along your own yoga mats, 

cushions, chairs if you prefer.

If you have any further questions about the workshop, please Contact Sonia

* Contact Sonia *

* Yoga *

* Free Class Pass *

* Mukti Yoga Centre *

Level 1/164 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151

* New Students Only *

* Sign up online to join in a 1hr casual class for Free * Value $28 *

* Use Code M100 *


* Free Class *

* Miriam has created a boutique Yoga Centre with a unique blend of dedicated Teachers to offer you an amazing range of Yoga Classes *​

* Yoga & Crystals *

* I regularly attend the 1hr Tuesday morning Mukti Flow & Yin class which commences at 9.30am

and I bring along a Crystal Grid to share the energies with the group *

* Each week the Crystals are different & Divinely guided to complement Miriam's Yoga Flow *


* Mukti Yoga Centre *


* June 2022 Newsletter *

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